"Rocky River Schools serve as a long-standing source of pride for all residents and a key reason why families want to live and prosper here. Over the years, residents have extended tireless support to strengthen and sustain our school’s pursuit of excellence. Successful schools, like ours, serve as an important cornerstone in any thriving, vibrant community. Rocky River Schools have been continually recognized, across the state as well as nationally, for being just that – a high performing school district that effectively serves the needs of all students, their parents and our community. Together with a talented staff of educators and administrators, the schools have demonstrated their commitment to education and community engagement through collaboration and innovation – a catalyst for self-directed, lifelong learning."

-Rocky River Mayor Pam Bobst

It's VITAL to vote yes on Issue 10! Here's why we support RR schools:

1.Rocky River schools gave our son and daughter an excellent education and experience! They were expected to work hard, learn from their mistakes, and do their best-- with caring support at their side, and the right resources in their hands. It's the special recipe for our success, and you can't get this everywhere--just look outside the "bubble." RR kids learn to succeed and find their purpose and path in life, whether that's college, career, workforce or service. We watched our kids and their classmates grow up ready for the 21st century and thankful for their RR years!

BRAVO on results that go beyond #2 in OH test scores!

2. When it comes to taxes, Bob and I care deeply how our monies are spent. RR manages funds carefully, strategically and effectively to stretch every dollar and cent to the max. District audits are clean and win awards year- after- year. Mills have rolled OFF with refinancing--and from HB 920 limits (RR collects only 35 mills out of 91 voted--that's why the need is NOW.) Generous foundations and booster groups kick in roughly half a million in financial support annually-- what a great community!

BRAVO on smart fiscal management!

Voting is a personal choice. But we are dismayed by the misinformation out there and how it could harm our schools. Please ask questions at the schools about the what and WHY--and cast your vote accordingly. Rr has one of the lowest millage rates in the county, while raising up our kids, our community AND property values! Please do your homework and support RR schools. Every vote matters!

Addie and Bob Olander