Letters to the Editor


The number one question people ask me when starting out to buy a home is: “Where are the best schools?” Rocky River has consistently had the best schools which explains why our real estate sells for the highest price per square foot of any community in Greater Cleveland. The schools are always in the “Top 5” in the state of Ohio. Rocky River students perform well as National Scholars (17 just this year). They go to on to college, careers and the service and continue to perform well. Most importantly, they all graduate and become good citizens, employees and ultimately homeowners themselves. Many come back to live here and raise their families to give their kids the same quality education.

Maintaining the schools is something we need to do for ourselves and for this community. We cannot forget that each of our wonderful assets from The Civic Center and Memorial Hall, the library and Old Downtown River are interdependent on each other to stay wonderful. The schools are the backbone of this community and keep our home values strong--everyone in Rocky River benefits!

Please vote YES on Issue 10 to keep this little bit of heaven that we all enjoy.

Gloria Hardington


Quality education. Successful students. Thriving graduates. Highly ranked in state and national surveys. That’s the Rocky River City School District.

The consistent excellence of our schools is a major reason why Rocky River is one of the most desirable communities in the state. With our last levy passing in 2017, we have reached the end of our cycle without additional levy support. After careful planning, the district is seeking a modest 4.9 mill levy increase this November--among the lowest requests in our region.

We are proud that our schools consistently rank in the top 2% of districts (2nd in the state this past year) on the state performance index. We encourage Rocky River voters to pass Issue 10 so the district can continue to:

  • Refresh technology, texts and curriculum to keep up with 21 st century learning

  • Provide support and resources that help students of all abilities succeed

  • Maintain updated facilities well-equipped for learning, health and safety

  • Hire skilled educators and manage class sizes for optimal learning

  • Offer a wide array of extra-curriculars to enhance growth.

The monthly cost is $14.29 per $100,000 of home value. To ease the impact, the district generally keeps levies under 5 mills and aims to stretch them for 4-5 years. RRCS manages costs carefully to get maximum value for our tax dollars, especially compared to nearby communities. Without the levy, reductions will likely begin starting in fall of 2023—affecting the quality of education for our students. We recognize times are challenging, but we also recognize that investing in strong schools protects our home values and the supports the quality of our community.

Please join us to vote YES for excellent schools, successful students and a thriving Rocky River!

Kim and Hiro Miyoshi
Kelly and Joe Frindt


Some things should never change. When we moved to Rocky River 65 years ago, the ability of the Rocky River schools to prepare our kids for college and beyond was one of the hallmarks of the community. Our three kids clearly benefitted from this, as have the graduating classes since then.

I saw this up close as a parent and as a member of the Rocky River school board, including four years as board president. I also saw it in my neighborhood. After I retired, a young family moved in next door to us and we watched their 2 kids grow up in Rocky River schools. They are graduates, now in their mid-20s, and doing pretty well: one works for Google, and the other for national publisher McGraw-Hill. And, this summer, Rocky River Class of 1975 graduate Keith Krach was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! Just a few of the many examples we have seen among our friends and neighbors of the longstanding tradition of

success for Rocky River graduates.

This fall a school levy will be on our ballot, Issue 10, but the “preparation for success” factor remains, and may be even more important now. I hope our community will vote to continue preparing graduates for success and vote Yes for Issue 10.

Richard M. Donaldson


As a parent, it’s easy to see first-hand that our daughters receive an EXCELLENT education. It’s why we moved to and stay in Rocky River!

As taxpayers, we appreciate that Rocky River schools operate with strong, transparent fiscal management. Public documents clearly show that our district and Board continue to be fiscally responsible and good stewards of taxpayer dollars. The commitment to transparency and accountability is unquestionable.

For example:

  • Rocky River is among the HIGHEST performing Ohio districts –#2 of 610 —with one of the LOWEST millage rates in the county (28th of 31).

  • The district’s 5-year forecast, required by law and posted online, shows prudent financial planning and budget management to make levy funds last.

  • The state audits districts annually; Rocky River’s thorough financial statements are published for transparency in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report.

  • With consistently clean audits, Rocky River wins awards for excellent financial reporting from the State Auditor’s Office (since 2010) and Government Finance Officers Association (31 years!).

  • The district uses money-saving measures, including group purchasing, grants, co-op and consortium participation, lease-purchasing, debt refinancing, and public-private partnerships to leverage responsible opportunities.

  • After an unsuccessful 2021 levy, salary increases were reduced in half to 1% and new projects put on hold. Further, to avoid cuts in 2022, COVID funds were prudently used for learning recovery, tutors, and ventilation.

  • Our Administration and Board continually monitor and report fiscal conditions at public Finance meetings, with all information posted at www.rrcs.org.

Because school levies are capped by dollar amount, districts are on a “fixed” income for the levy cycle and must manage funds carefully. Rocky River is fiscally responsible while delivering an excellent education for students and strong property values for residents.

We are dedicated to excellence; we support Issue 10!

Lou Tisler

YES ON 10!

When our family began, finding a community that provided our children with a safe environment and a school system with a consistent record of excellence was our priority. The decision to make Rocky River home was effortless. We’re proud to invest in a community that has dedicated itself to attracting and retaining the strongest educators and the highest quality services for its students.

When speaking with friends whose children have long graduated, there’s an immense pride for the opportunities our schools afforded their children. Seeing grandparents that are graduates of Rocky River, at the stadium, or in the auditorium at the school play, is no greater testament to the strength of our schools.

Our community is united by respect for the importance of successful schools with strong fiscal management. We understand our city’s foundation is only as strong as the services it's built upon. As we invest in our homes, we must invest in our schools, because their value is dependent on each other. Supporting this levy allows continued confidence in the value of homes, and the education provided to the children of our community.

The future of our schools has been considered at length. Without the support of this levy, educational services will be reduced, inevitably resulting in a shift in the value of our community. By supporting operational expenses, we will continue to maintain the highest level of services, opportunities, and education--all of which have contributed to our consistent top 5 ranking of best school districts across Ohio.

The commitment to the children of our community and each other is what makes our town special. We can collectively demonstrate what has made Rocky River one of the most coveted places to call home: supporting strong schools adds immeasurable value to our community.

Brian & Tina Sindelar