Pay Freeze

The Rocky River Board of Education, the Rocky River Teachers Association (RRTA), and the Ohio Association of Public School Employees, Chapter 381 (OAPSE) have agreed to extend the current collectively bargained contracts for an additional year and to freeze base pay for a third consecutive year. 

On October 4th the RRTA, OAPSE, and the Board agreed on terms that will freeze the pay of all district employees, including administrators, for a third year in a row.  In addition to this pay freeze, employees agreed to increase their healthcare contribution while continuing past concessions.  These healthcare concessions include spousal language, prescription co-pays and co-insurance premiums.  

This contract extension comes as the school district is asking for support of Issue 114 on November 6th.  Resolving salary negotiations prior to the election is another step the Board and employees have taken to demonstrate their commitment to the passage of Issue 114.

RRTA President David Opdycke stated, “We hope that this contract extension will help the public focus on and support Issue 114.  The passage of this levy is essential for the preservation of the programs that foster the level of student success traditionally seen in Rocky River.”  

OAPSE President Vicki Owens stated, “The OAPSE membership’s support of this contract extension will help the district financially and enable us to continue our tradition of excellent schools.” 

Superintendent Michael Shoaf said that he was very pleased with the contract extensions.  Shoaf offered, “These extensions are another proactive step on the part of district employees to help control costs and to further express to residents the importance of Issue 114 for our schools.” 

Issue 114 is an operating levy that will provide funding to maintain the educational programs that exist in the Rocky River City Schools and to continue the improvements necessary for our students’ 21st century learning.